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Project Goals

While UV photocatalysis systems have been incorporated in some water purification systems, a major barrier to their widespread deployment is the source for the UV radiation. These are almost exclusively mercury-based UV lamps, which are relatively bulky, inefficient, and have health and environmental issues due to the mercury contained in them.


Realise and optimise UV LED emitters with the required brightness and wavelength tailored to the photocatalyst.

While the elimination of bacteria and viruses can be achieved by direct exposure to UV light, UV photolysis of persistent organic pollutants (and emerging contaminants) is not wholly effective, but can be achieved with UV-photocatalysis. Here, a photocatalyst material such as TiO2 is illuminated with UV light, creating reactive oxygen species, which result in the complete mineralisation of chemical pollutants and the inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms.


Optimise the photocatalysis process using appropriate catalyst material.

The AQUA-PULSE aims to produce a new purification product which will present new applications/customers for each of the SMEs involved.


Model, design and construct the UV photocatalysis reaction chamber fabricate the prototype water purification unit and validate the performance and effectiveness of the purification unit, with regard to a number of key potential applications.

Thus, the AQUA-PULSE project brings together a well-balanced and tightly-focused consortium, in which the complementary skills of the RTD Performers will combine to provide valuable R&D results, leading to new products and markets for all the SME partners.


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